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See some party ideas for your Blues Clues Party below.

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This Character Theme Party page is devoted to Blue's Clues. It is provided as a courtesy to visitors on our website. It's purpose is to assist you busy Mom's in planning your party. We have included links to Blue's Clues products, Blue's Clues game ideas, Blue's Clues decorating hints, Blue's Clues invitation designs and ideas that you will find helpful in your planning.


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Party Ideas

If you've got the time and the energy, here's an excellent idea for a Blue's Clues invitation. You'll need four different postcards for each invitee. Each postcard will have a different clue (Blue usually gives three clues) and the fourth will be the real invitation. (Mail the postcards every other day for a week - enough time before the party - and don't forget to put a paw print on each postcard).

First clue: A drawing or picture of a birthday cake and something saying "Blue left you a clue, do you see? A birthday cake for you and me! Two more clues you need to find, to figure out what Blue has on her mind!"

Second clue: A drawing or picture of balloons and something that might say: "It's clue number two! There are so many balloons you see, now you need to look for clue number three!"

Third Clue: Print out a picture of your kid with his/her face cut out and you can say something like: "Sit down in your thinking chair and think, think, think.... What could Blue want you to do? Come to a Birthday Party! But for who?"

The last invitation can say: "Did you figure out Blue's Clues? Yup!! You're right, kid's name is having a birthday party", then write the date, time, address etc.

A terrific Blue Clues child party idea is to decorate the birthday area with all different of shades of blue and white balloons and streamers. You can also hang light-blue and dark-blue streamers from the doorway for a "curtain" effect. Use blue tablecloth and whatever other decorations you can dream of with shades of blue and turquoise. Also, you can draw large spirals on a sheet of light blue and dark blue paper and cut along the spiral to hang from the ceiling.

Take out any Blue's Clues theme related toys and accessories and scatter them across the house, on shelves, tables, in the yard, etc. Table centerpieces can be red pails and yellow shovels (standing for Shovel and Pail) filled with stuffed characters from the show. You can also decorate a clock just like Tickety-Tock.

In the entrance to your house, put up "Mailbox" by taking an old mailbox (or any cardboard box), spray painting it purple and using colored craft foam and wiggly eyes.

Use blue chalk to draw paw prints leading to your house and cut out paw prints to hang all over the walls and floor.

The family room can be transformed into Steve's living room by putting a red sheet over an arm chair and transforming it into "Thinking Chair".