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All Around Pikachu Party Ideas

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Pokemon Party Ideas

This Character Theme Party page is devoted to the Pokemon character,  Pikachu. It is provided as a courtesy to visitors on our website. It's purpose is to assist you busy Mom's in planning your party. We have included links to Pokemon products, Pokemon game ideas, Pokemon decorating hints, Pokemon invitation designs and ideas that you will find helpful in your planning.



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Lightning Ice Cubes

Pikachu Lightning Necklace

Pikachu tTeasureChest



Our first suggestion is , of course, call and invite Pikachu (the most popular Pokemon character) to the party.

Serve red, white, and black chips died with edible food colors.

Serve marshmallows as Jigglypuffs (the miniature masrhmallows have the pink ones)

Why the red, white and black? The PokeBall is these three colors.

Serve yellow lemonade (Pikachu juice) (yes, Pikachu is yellow), fruit punch (Charmander juice, Charmander is orange)

Play pin the tail on Pikachu.

Decorate a white tablecloth with Pokemon character decorations drawn on the side and on the top have  a stuffed Pikachu, Poliwhirl, and Charmander as a center piece.